Who We Are

Who We Are

Diverse Communities in Action Movement is about a group of people, working together to advance shared social and political ideals. Our goal is to improve our communities and develop cultural awareness through informed efforts of our youth and young adults to increase their civic involvement to change the narrative about their diverse communities.

This will be done by opening the lines of communications across zip codes that divide us locally. Our mission is to show how our similarities unite us and expose how our differences divide us.

Our Purpose

The purpose is to empower our youth to put diversity in action through civic involvement in our local communities. Through lived human experiences, driving understanding, appreciation, and keen awareness about the issues impacting our lived spaces—we will learn about one another, to connect with each other to address the call for our residents to be operational in changing our local narratives.

Diverse Communities in Action Movement provides an opportunity for you to engage in and respond to being the change you wish to see, in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, universities—from enriched knowledge about the people we come to know in our shared greater communities. Ultimately diversify the nation through The Movement.

Our Mission

An urban agenda to empower urban youth. DCIAM is the vessel that bridges communities in an effort to create mutual awareness and cultivate reform strategies to influence equity across our local communities. This movement needs boldly courageous people to stand at a grassroots level and shift the conversation to change the narrative about how we inter-relate with one another.

It is our local actions contribution to the cost of leveling the playing field when there has been a disconnect in our racial collective generational growth.  Diverse Communities in Action Movement is the effort it takes to be human post Jim Crow and ensure Civil Rights.


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